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I'm an Earthling, just like you. I unexpectedly started to receive messages from Mother Earth in March of 2011, which I was asked by Gaia to share. I have agreed to do so, when appropriate. Some people seek to receive such messages, that was never the case for me. This is simply about my own journey as a human being. Your soul will tell you if your Truth is aligned with mine. La Messagère travaille également en français.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

You Are Enough

Being here on this planet is enough.

Your presence, your light, your contribution is what the world needs.


The best, most confident and competent version of you.

You know what We mean.

The feeling of inadequacy, of not being enough, manifests itself in many ways.

Perhaps you are "flashy" - only the best and priciest will do.

Maybe you have the unrelentless urge to one-up everybody, whether it's a positive (oh, you went to New York for a week? I had a fabulous 2-week trip to Paris) or negative (You think that's bad, wait until you hear what happened to me...) event.

Or maybe you acquire more items, be it clothes, accessories, gadgets of a specific category or two you tend to have way more than everything else because there's this inner void you're trying to fill. You may not even enjoy shopping that much, but something inside you believes that the right clothes, the right books displayed in your bookcases or the perfect setup in your garage will prove to the outside world that you are worthy, that you do indeed belong here.

A reminder: Different dis-eases share common symptoms. We have given three examples. It's impossible to cover all manifestations of "not-enoughness". And remember that some people just like nice stuff. You are the expert of you, but refrain from diagnosing others. Humans are complex beings with multiple layers.

If people tend not to get you because of how you choose to live your life. For example you choose not to have a television and not watch TV or you follow a specific diet (based on your principles/values or food sensitivities). These choices set you apart. It's hard to keep up with the Kardashians if you don't know who they are or to partake in weekly pizza nights at the local restaurant if you don't eat grains. There are other ways you can connect with others. Be creative. Often people want to include you, but they don't know how. Allow them to invite you in by your openness to be in their presence.

Enoughness and belonging are closely related.

The differences that separate human beings are minute, yet they can seem like unclimbable mountains.

Take a moment to ground and centre, to be with yourself. To feel all that you are.

Sense what may be going on within that manifests itself externally.

Often, clarity comes in a flash. You'll know what to do to take care of yourself, to nurture yourself and all that you are and feel that enoughness and sense belonging to this world that is so much bigger than you are.

Expect change. Both within and without.

When you feel that you are enough, that you do indeed belong, you'll react to triggers differently. They won't destabilize you anymore.

No matter what others have told you and what you've been saying to yourself, know that you are enough. That you belong. The illusion of separation is powerful. Especially when you've been told that had to change your difference for this reason or that from an early age.

You are enough. You. Are. Enough.

Take that in.

Say out loud "I am enough, I belong" or any other other affirmations that resonate with you. Let the power of these words vibrate in your body.

Now breathe deeply, three times.

And let your light shine.

We are rooting for you.

Copyright © 2011-2015 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Walking Away and Coming Back

There are many cycles within you that you may or may not be aware of.

The more you grow, evolve, expand - and sometimes retract - the more these "cycles" may manifest in your life.

How do they manifest? In strange ways often, such as perceived misalignment.

People, groups, hobbies that brought you comfort, joy and peace suddenly feel "off", repulsive almost. This can be unsettling. 

This feeling may last a few hours, days or even years. That's OK.

There is nothing inherently negative about you or the person/interest you walked away from. Nobody or nothing is "bad" here. There is no judgement.

It simply means growth and learning lies elsewhere. At least for now. That one or both have moved to a different place or frequency to acquire what they need.

You may be puzzled as to why being near something or someone that brought you such great peace, comfort and positivity now feels as irritating as nails on a black board... You may still see the value and the gift that this person or interest holds, but you must appreciate this from afar.

This is simply your soul taking the space and distance it needs... The distance and space you might have been craving, but didn't know how to create.

You'll go your own way. Do your own things. Revisit your toolbox. Reorganize your life. Discover you to navigate in this world...

Then one day, you'll feel a pull towards what you had walked away from, and you'll go back to what you had left behind.

And it will feel like coming home. The home you've always yearned to go back to. 

Welcome home!

In openness and in love.

Copyright © 2011-2014 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved.

Monday, 21 October 2013

One Thing At A Time

So much you want to do in your life to make yourself or your circumstances better than they were before. To become who and how you are meant to be.

There is also the regular stuff: work, friends, family, grocery shopping, oil changes and cleaning the bathroom. You know how that is, We don't have to tell you.

But then, there are surprises - the good, happy kind, and the ones you'd rather not have. Both can disrupt your plans.

You humans like to plan ahead. Love it... So much so that sometimes, it seems you forget that you - and parts of your life/routine - will die some day.

There is no such thing as permanence. We have covered that before.

Whatever falls upon the doorstep or your life, remember to breathe, to take a step back.

For instance - you've been working on relocating, but you receive a diagnosis. Surgery is needed. Some recovery time too.

Now you're lucky. It's "nothing serious". But you still have a huge decision to make: What will come first? The move or the surgery?

Both of them are stressful and require adaptation. Sure, you can attempt to do them both at once, but you will most likely crash and burn. Why on Earth would you do that to yourself?

And it could be anything - starting both a new business and a family. Changing your diet and your job at the same time. The options are endless.

Learn to prioritize. Do a little each day instead of a lot every once in a while... or at once.

Try to figure out the best decision you can make for your life now that will also help you stay on course to where you want to go.

In other words, set yourself up for success by focusing on one thing at a time.

This seems to be a lost art in your world. How about a revival of that precious art?

In mindfulness and heartfelt compassion.

Copyright © 2011-2013 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Silence Says A Lot

Sometimes, there is so much to say that silence is the best option.

When thoughts and ideas are swirling in your head - disjointed and disconnected - words can come out all wrong.

Great ideas may appear "thoughtless", as you have not taken the time to frame or organize them properly in your mind - or on paper.

Concerns or questions may be misinterpreted, as others may be unsure of where you are coming from, what your true intentions are.

Also, sometimes a vague or general question hides a bigger one. Is only the symptom of a bigger issue. So sitting with your thoughts instead of sharing them is a better option.

You are humans have layers of intention. You may yell: "You work too much", when the real issue you want to whisper is: "Do you still love me? Your actions seem to tell me your work matters more than me".

It is so much easier to discuss work than issues that reveal vulnerability. Yet, vulnerability can lead to solutions. Small talk rarely does. It leads to running in circle.

This world of your loves to talk. But silence says a lot. You can uncover much when you allow yourself to sit and be in (the sometimes uncomfortable) silence.

With silence, all the fluff and unnecessary words fall away, and the true, essential stuff appears. Silence shows you what words you ought to say...

In silence and in grace.

Copyright © 2011-2013 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Taking a Breather

There is a "set" 24-hour block in your day. That is how you set it up long, long ago.

The amount of "free" time varies from day to day and depends greatly on your reality and obligations.

What you'd love to do in your spare time is infinite while the time you actually possess to make them happen is limited. Mere crumbs when you really think about it.

One way to expand that limited time is to allow yourself to so nothing. To take a breather from any given project or task to do whatever you feel like.

You may find yourself working on that very project you gave yourself a break from with renewed energy.

It's not as contradictory as it looks.

You see, giving yourself permission to put a project of a task aside takes the (often self-imposed) pressure off.

While you may not be aware of it - at least not always - the constant state of "push" you put yourself and your body though wears you out. Makes you lose focus. Less effective.

Your energy/life force is not infinite - it needs replenishment. Even if only 5-10 minutes after a long stretch of productive work.

You cannot only make withdrawals in your life force bank.

Energy overdraft only goes so far. In fact, it is extremely damaging.

As with money, if you take out more than what you put in, trouble arises. Actually, the same kind of "lack" bodily symptoms occurs.

For instance, if you are depleted of energy and an emergency happens at work, requiring you to stay late, you will not know where to get that extra energy you need to do what is required of you. Just as you would go into major panic if your car requires extensive repairs and you have no money in the bank and your credit cards are maxed out.

The more breathers you take, the kinder you are to your body and nervous system, the more you are able to recharge quickly to go back to doing the things you love.

It's a way to always have life force in the bank with little effort.

Can you think of a time when taking a breather helped you turn everything around?

Remember that the next time you're about to make a major life force withdrawal. Perhaps what you need is a deposit to recharge.

In quietness and gratitude.

Copyright © 2011-2013 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Be Kind to Your Body

Your soul and heart tend to shift and open up in grace and with ease.

Not so for your physical vessel, your body. It often requires days, if not weeks, to adjust and recover. 

It's like filling a plastic bottle with water and freezing it. The water expands and stays itself, but sometimes the bottle (container) does not fare so well.

It's the same for your body.

We advise you to take on the habit of scanning both your soul/heart and your body on the days you are feeling tired, drained, achy, sluggish, even cranky - and you cannot for the love of yourself figure out why.

You may be surprised to find that your soul is soaring and your heart is fully expanded, but your bodily vessel is run down, tired, and would very much like you to stay in bed and do nothing - or very little.

But you life goes on, and you have Earthly obligations.

During those days, rest as much as you can, eat well (lots of protein), drink plenty of fluids, but most of all, spend as much time as you can soaking in the joy and expansion you (your soul) is experiencing. Even a few minutes of "feeling stillness" can do wonders and energize you for hours.

In a way, you are letting your soul recharge your body. This is very difficult to explain. 

This how it feels to experience that you are not your body. That you are so much more than the shell you were born in and that has grown with you. It may be a very peculiar feeling. 

Just remember to be kind to your body, to give it what it needs so you achieve your fullest potential while you are on this planet. In good days and in bad.

The ego does not care what is best for you. It just wants you to keep up appearances, for instance maintain your 40-min. morning jog even though you only have the energy to do 15. Or walk for 10. When your body has fully recovered, then you can go back to your routine. If you push your body during recovery, the process will take longer, and you may even injure yourself or get sick.

If you take good care of your bodily vessel while you're on this Earth, you might amaze yourself at how you can grow and what you can achieve.

In gentleness and in love.

Copyright © 2011-2013 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Letting Go and Setting Yourself Free

Before others can accept who you are, who you have become, you - yourself - truly have to let go... to set yourself free.

Let go of:
  • Your old self (or selves) and all the selves you could have been
  • Regrets
  • Anger/Resentment towards yourself and others
  • Any preconceptions you may have about who/how you think you should be
  • Any preconceptions you may have about who/how you think others should be
  • Assumptions about life, others, yourself
  • Expectations
  • Judgements: directed towards the self and others
  • Beliefs, thought systems, concepts, priorities, values and teachings that no longer serve you
  • Relationships that have become "forced" - that is one or both parties in the friendship (partnership, relationship...) are staying out of guilt or duty even though one or both have clearly gone their separate ways
  • And so on...
We have said it before, for any renewal to take place, to enter your life, you have to make room for it. And nothing new will stick if you hold on to all of that shit/dead weight. 

Letting go is hard. Sometimes it feels like you are losing a part of you in the process. 

Perhaps. But what that part any good to you? Did it make your soul and energy soar? 

Yes, letting go feels like dying sometimes, but it is also a rebirth. It all depends how you look at it. Remember when you learnt to ride a bike. How free you felt... and how terrified you were when you realized you were on your own. The jolt of fear probably made you fall right down. Be a kid again. Only you are the "bike", and letting go yourself of what is slowing you down.

You as a human being are limitless, but the stuff you carry with you is what limits you and drags you down.

Often, letting go is best done in small, daily increments. Start before you feel ready, but only release the final cord when you feel fully secure.

If you take baby steps, you tend to go much farther than those who wait to feel strong enough to make giant leaps. Slow and steady brings perspective.

In lightness and simplicity.

Copyright © 2011-2013 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved.